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Capsules Cyto Forte

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You can order Cyto Forte capsules for the treatment of cystitis in Slovenia only through the official website. It is very easy to order. Fill out the form on the website - enter your name and phone number in the blanks. In the near future, the manager of the company will contact you, give advice, note the details of delivery.

Watch out for counterfeit products - the price of the original capsules is 39€! Payment upon receipt.

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Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Urologist-surgeon, candidate of medical sciences Maja Doctor Maja
Urologist-surgeon, candidate of medical sciences
23 years old
I have been practicing urology in Slovenia for more than 15 years. Dozens of patients come to me every day. One of the most common complaints, especially among women, is cystitis. I recommend Cyto Forte to eliminate, treat and prevent emergency symptoms. Capsules are harmless to the body, do not contain hormones and antibiotics! Reasonable price and high efficiency! Suitable for women & menIn case of illness, a course of reception in just 5 days destroys the infection, eliminates inflammation, strengthens the immune system and blocks recurrence!
Cyto Forte happy life without cystitis

Cyto Forte is a professional drug for the treatment of cystitis. Available in capsule formThere are 20 pieces in one package. Each capsule contains 10 grams of active vitamin, mineral and natural extract complex. Regular use does not cause addiction, adverse side effects, allergic skin reactions. The drug has undergone biological research, clinical trials and received the necessary certificates of conformity of European quality, patents and permits for marketing in Slovenia.

Numerous studies in girls and women confirm that the use of Cyto Forte capsules quickly relieves pain, burning and other unpleasant symptoms. Now you can forget about cystitis on the second day of admission and return to your old life!

Natural capsules Cyto Forte - benefits

Today, Cyto Forte is a drug known to thousands of Europeans that effectively and quickly relieves symptoms, treats cystitis and prevents its recurrence. In addition, it helps in the treatment of other diseases of the urinary system in women and men. For example, pyelonephritis, urethritis, urolithiasis, inflammation of the bladder, etc. has an antibacterial effect in the treatment of and strengthens the immune system.

This is not a medicine. Cyto Forte is a biologically active food supplement that does not contain hormonal preparations, chemicals or synthetic components that are harmful to healthy cells in the body. There are no antibiotics that cause unpleasant side effects, especially when used in Cyto Forte capsules.

Indications, symptoms and reasons for use of Cyto Forte:

Symptoms of cystitis and their rapid elimination with Cyto Forte

All of the above symptoms indicate an infection or inflammation in the urinary system. Depending on the nature of the symptoms, you can determine the source of the lesion, the type and stage of the disease. The infection can develop in the urethra, bladder, or urinary tract, rising from the urethra to the kidneys, which can significantly impair overall well-being. Pain in the urethra or bladder (women still often report pain in the clitoris) indicates the development of urethritis or cystitis. Lack of emergency treatment leads to inflammation of the urinary tract and pyelonephritis, in which the infection affects the ureters and kidneys. The disease is characterized by severe, sometimes unbearable pain on one or both sides.

It is important to know! Urologists recommend immediate treatment of the urinary system at the first symptoms of the disease. To prevent the development of the disease and a sharp deterioration in health.

Cyto Forte is suitable for whom, possible contraindications

Girls over the age of 18, middle-aged and older women are equally prone to urinary tract diseases, especially cystitis. The same goes for men. The only difference is that due to the different structure of the urinary tract, women are more susceptible to cystitis and men to urethritis. It will be rational for everyone to adopt Cyto Forte. For girls and women of all ages suffering from cystitis, including those with chronic. For men of all ages with urethral inflammation. Also - treatment of urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, etc. As an auxiliary antibacterial and immunity stimulant.

Due to its natural composition, Cyto Forte capsules have no contraindications. The exception is a rare individual intolerance to one of the components. In addition, the manufacturer has not conducted clinical trials of capsules on women during lactation or pregnancy - taking the capsule with the permission of the attending physician.

The active ingredients are vitamins, minerals and natural extracts:

Rapid treatment of cystitis with natural corneal capsules Cyto Forte

Clinical trials and test results

A five-day course of Cyto Forte capsules showed the following results in the treatment of cystitis in women:

Day 1

Eliminate pain during urination


Day 2

Normalization of urination


5th day

Complete elimination of cystitis infection


How to buy Cyto Forte capsules at an affordable price in Slovenia

In Slovenia, you can buy Cyto Forte only through the official website of the product. It is very easy to order. In a special form, provide your name and phone number where you can be contacted. The company's manager will then call you, advise on the product and specify the delivery details. No advance payment is required. The order is paid upon receipt of the order.

Additional information - terms of delivery:

The price of the original Cyto Forte is 39€ — see the price in another country. We draw your attention to the regular discounts of up to -50% on the official website. Contact the manager when confirming the order to see if it is possible to order a capsule for the presentation.

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